About Us

NORDIA BULK A/S  is a bulk ship-operating company handling cargoes and vessels on the dry bulk segment. The company was founded by Michael Tartsinis and Michael Hojsgaard in June 2009. Company’s mission is to provide its customers with a professional and flexible service and quickly supply clients with competitive rates. Nordia Bulk  operates on a worldwide basis to suit the needs of its clients. Nordia Bulk is very much aware of the importance of providing a flexible and highly qualified service, always considering special requirements such as tight arrival windows and restrictions in regards to scheduling. Top priority is Safety first and therefore we are committed to providing our clients with good quality ships using Rightship Ltd., Equasis, MIS as a tool to limit the risk of fixing ships of a lesser standard. All shipping operations are handled by ten shore experienced personnel headquartered at 6th floor Lemos International Center, in Athens, Greece.

NORDIA BULK A/S transports an extended variety of dry bulk cargoes sourced from commodity trades / producers, direct miners and end-users. Major cargoes transported are : Agricultural (sugar, grain, rice, soya, maize etc.), Break Bulk (steel pipes, bundles, scrap, logs), Mineral (iron ore, coal, bauxite), Construction (clinker, stone chips, granite blocks), Fertilizers (MOP, DAP, BHF), Additives (urea, sulphur etc.)

NORDIA BULK A/S at present is focusing on vessels with carrying capacity between 25,000 – 60,000 mt mainly equipped with cranes / grabs for versatile and efficient operations. In 2018 estimated carrying capacity in cargoes will exceed the total sum of 2,500,000 mt

…quality and safety first

Services & Business Approach

NORDIA BULK A/S is engaged in:

  • Time charter in/out contracts
  • Voyage charter in/out contracts
  • Contracts of Affreightment
  • Commercial Management to third Party Tonnage
  • Break bulk cargo transportation and special projects

Business Approach

  • Elaboration of close contact with cargo shippers/receivers and tonnage owners by trying for the perfect match which will maximize services of quality and financial success
  • Risk Management internal procedures on a KYC basis and FFA contracts to mitigate / hedge exposure / position in counter party risk and market volatility using in house operational modelling.
  • Invest in people to reliably and promptly run every day operations and contribute on the Company’s long run strategy which apart for max profitability is set to establish the Company as a reliable counter party in the market
  • Flexibility on quickly adopting to the needs of a dynamic market on a regional and international basis and subject to market fundamentals and seasonal trends
  • Safety and Quality mechanisms like RightShip, Equasis, and MIS reports/approvals to maximize technical efficiency.
  • Strengthening business relationships with tonnage / cargo providers to maintain efficiency in operations and services provided
  • Full P&I coverage for Charterers Liability and thorough monitoring of operations for the prompt service using competent supercargoes and surveyors as well as professional weather routing companies
  • Punctuality in financial dealing with vessels’ owners and hire/freight payments, by the use of more than one banks in all time zones of the world.

Management Structure

Chief Executive Officer
Finance & Corporate Manager
Operations Manager
Chartering manager
Legal / Claims Manager

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

Business Partners

Owners / Operators
Financial Institutions
P & I Clubs
Bunker Suppliers
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  • Nordia Bulk A/S
  • 6th FLOOR,
    25-29 KARNEADOU STR.
    10675 Athens – Greece