Yiannis PaganopoulosFinance & Corporate development Manager

Yianni Paganopoulos, has a finance and trading background in trading stocks and commodities worldwide. Yianni is graduate of Athens University of Business Administration with an MBA from London Business School in Finance. Yianni started his career with Goldman Sachs in 1996. In 1999, Yianni founded Artion Securities SA an independent broking House member of ASE. In 2001, he became managing director of Artion Securities Mutual Fund, investing in stocks and commodities internationally. In 2010, Yianni set-up Quantum Shipping for the purpose of focusing on international trading of bulk commodities mainly on Bauxite and Alumina. Since then, he is acting as Finance and Corporate Development Director for Nordia Bulk in the areas of finance and business development with direct miners/traders and end users of bulk commodities.